8th floor, Empire Heights Tower B, Dubai, UAE

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8th floor, Empire Heights Tower B, Dubai, UAE

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About Us

A team of dreamers, innovators and passionate people who strive to give childish joy and sincere surprise to everyone who touches the magical moment of our events.

We have organized more than 700 shows in 29 countries of the world, the total flight time of our drones is more than 300 hours. Let's write a script and tell a unique story in the sky using our drones, they twinkle brighter than the stars!

The drone show is safe, environmentally friendly and goes well with fireworks. In UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the preparation time using standard programs is only a 14 days! Our drones fly even when the wind is blowing, it is raining or snowing. The number of drones for the show can be from 200 to 6000 pieces, before the launch, we will provide a project visualization of the show so that you can understand what you will receive before launch. Guinness record holders 2020,2021,2022. We work all over the world!


100 drones
300 drones
500 drones
1000 drones
2000 drones

From idea to show - 1 month

3 weeks before the show

Project discussion, start of work

Discussion of location, date, time, number of drones, structure and composition. And also the coordination of the flight with Civil Aviation .

2.5-2 weeks before the show

Drone flight scenario development

Development of the show script. Choreography of drone movements, color matching, shapes, dynamics and music.

4-5 days before the show

Delivery of equipment and arrival of the team

Equipment delivery, drone inspection, location overview, team arrival and preparation for the show.

2-3 days before the show

Test run

Dress rehearsal of drone flight, on-site debugging, interference elimination.

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